Extend & Customize

Go beyond Kademi's out of the box experience by creating custom APPs, extending templates and integrating with 3rd party platforms.

Integration Services

Kademi's powerful integration services gives developers the tools they need to connect with 3rd party platforms and APPs in order to manage the flow of data in and out of their Kademi account.

  • Write custom code handlings using server-side JavaScript
  • Fetch/receive files from FTP, SFTP, HTTP, HTTPS and Email
  • Use pipeline processing to create integration steps from reading a file to processing rows and inserting data

Application templates

Each Kademi APP has its own set of front-end templates that creates the user workflow from displaying loyalty points on a users dashboard to listing products in an online store. Each APP template can be highly customized.

  • Full front-end APP template customization using HTML, CSS and JS
  • Bootstrap less parameterization
  • Versioning with GIT source control
  • Work locally using K-Sync
  • Create custom Bootstrap themes


Use the tools you know and love to work with and develop locally, then synchronise with the Kademi server using K-Sync.

  • Faster than using regular WebDav
  • Easily push/pull parts of your solution
  • Smoothly sync on folders into multiple targets
  • K-Sync can be utilized with any WebDAV enabled repositories

Build custom

Use front-end HTML/CSS and server-side JavaScript to build custom applications that seamlessly integrates with the Kademi ecosystem. Custom applications can sit inside an account or be uploaded to the Kademi marketplace.

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