Build Customer solutions Fast

Combine powerful APPs and components from eCommerce to eLearning to build customer touch-points.

Drag. Drop & Create

Easily build customer solutions without developers. Drag and drop APPs into web-page templates to rapidly build customer touch-points from Online Stores to Retail Training Programs and more.

Powerful developer tools

Easily extend and highly customise any customer solution using only HTML and JavaScript.

  • Easily adapt and modify APP templates
  • Build custom JavaScript APPs in your account
  • Work locally or via Kademi's integrated development environment
  • Built-in versioning, GIT source control and more...

Control at your fingertips

Every Kademi APP comes with intuitive console screens to manage every aspect of the application workflow.

Apps to deliver & manage content

From reward stores to e-commerce solutions, leverage from a powerful integrated app-ecosystem.


Provides users with access to calendars and events, all easily synced via CalDav to devices.

Contacts and address books

Provides users with address books which can be accessed and synced from email clients and mobile devices.

Group resources and files

Allows user groups to have folders of files, which members of the group can download.

My files

Provides end users with file storage, which they can synchronise with their own devices.

Journal and Notes

Provides a simple text journal which allows users to keep notes.

Learning and training

Allows administrators to create and publish structured learning content for their users.


Provides users access to rich content managed by blogs in your account.

Reward store

Allows your users to redeem prizes from a store using points.


Allows users to bid on products in multiple live auctions against other users.


Issue gift vouchers and process redemptions.

Shopping Cart

Allow users to make purchases adding items to a shopping cart for checkout.


Provides a manageable database of products that can be searched.

Website Search

Allows users to search for content in a website. Utilises faceted search features.

Google Recaptcha

Integrates Google Recaptcha into your websites.

Customer management

Leverage a library of web-applications to onboard and manage your customers.

Lead Management

Funnel visualization, task reminders and more using Kademi's Lead Management.


Core application which provides user functions, such as logins and profile pages.

User Dashboard

Gives each user a dynamic dashboard page which can display all sorts of content items and data.

Social Media Login

Provides social sign in buttons which allows users to easily login to a website.

Sales Data App

Allows users to record sales data and compare results over time.

Offsite Login App

Allows users to login on one site and be redirected to another.

Software Registration App

Allows users to register for software online.

Open organisation creator

Allows public users to signup and create an organisation.

User registration and signup

Provides signup pages that allow people to join your websites and groups.

Powerful ways to communicate

Start a conversation and automate communications with your customers.

Forums, topics and questions

Provides forums for end users to ask questions and answer them, and gives administrators functions to manage them.

Contact Us

Add a 'Contact Us' page to websites, allowing non-logged in users to email the site administrators.


Allows users to invite friends and colleagues to register, including triggering email invitations.


Provides end users with an email inbox, and allows administrators to send emails to groups of users.

Dashboard Alerts

Keep users up to date by creating and targeting dashboard alerts to specified groups.


Send and receive SMS messages to and from your users.

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