Manage your customer data

A powerful CRM (Customer Relationship Management) to segment customers, track each interaction across your customer touch-points, and help you capture, upload and manage all your customer data in one single place.

Customer journey builder

Plan and create seamless customer journeys from the offline to online world using Kademi's drag and drop journey builder.

Create any number of touch points from sending an email to a customer purchasing a product online.


Content Management

A fast and easy to use drag & drop template builder to create web-pages and emails. Simply drag components into an email or webpage template, add and style your content, save and publish. No HTML coding required!


Leverage a powerful set of rich visual reports to track and measure your customer journeys end to end. Easily download data or automate and schedule reports to be sent to key stakeholders.


Back-office Features


Bring your solutions to life with automation. Setup triggers to fire actions including sending an email or awarding a user points.

Email & SMS

Manually send emails or SMS messages, even better, automate your communications using Kademi automation features.

Application Manager

Switch on and off, combine and configure Kademi's out-the-box Web-Applications to help you build your digital solutions.


Benefit from an integrated Content Management System that will allow you to manage your content using a WYSIWYG editor.


An integrated CRM to manage and segment your users in order to target content and create unique user experiences.

Website Manager

Create new websites and solutions with a click of a button and easily manage using Kademi's website manager.

Integration services

A simplified method to automatically import and export data with other third party systems.

Reporting & Analytics

View a library of reports and analytical data to monitor user behaviour.


Easily integrate and manage payment workflows into your digital solutions.


Everything in Kademi is versioned from websites to content and code so you can easily roll back any mistakes and never lose a thing!


Get complete visibility of everything that happens in your digital solutions through highly detailed logging information.

File Manager

Get access to and manage all your digital solution files from HTML pages to JS files, whilst benefiting from Kademi integrated code editor.

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