Customer Management

Know your customer and every interaction they have with your brand in a single unique view.

Email management

View and open every email sent to a customer including tracking open and conversion rates.

Store purchases

Track in single unique record every purchase a customer makes from an online store.

Timeline tracking

Track and view every customer interaction from an email to a store purchase in a timeline of events.

Manage customer data

Easily update customer data and assign groups and tags to profiles for better segmentation.

Reward point history

Easily view, manage and reward and debit points to a customer's profile.

Learning Records

Where users take part in online training programs, get visibility of their training records and awarded certificates.

Creating and loading
customer data

Use Kademi's profile wizard to help import your customer and user data from an Excel or CSV file.

  • Easily match fields on spreadsheet columns
  • Create and import custom fields
  • Assign profiles to groups & organisations for segmentation
  • Manage bulk unsubscribes

customer data

Upload a complete organisational hierarchy where each organisation can have its own set of customers. Organisations can represent various entities including a brands head office, a rep region and a physical retail store with an address.

Tags & groups

Easily tag and segment customers into groups to deliver targeted and relevant experiences. Tags and groups are used for a variety of use cases including:

  • Sending emails to groups
  • Delivering targeted content
  • Managing leads by tags
  • Managing registration workflows
  • And more...

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