Measure customer engagement

Dive into a series of powerful out of the box reports to measure customer engagement.

Out of the box

Open, download and dive into an extensive range of reports from active users to most viewed products in a store reports.

Filter & refine

Easily filter reports by tags, groups and organisations including choosing date ranges to view data over specific periods.

Custom reports

Kademi provides a framework to develop custom reports that can aggregate any type of data and return a list of fields into a table of results.

Schedule and send reports

Create automatic jobs to send reports as an attachment in an email to key stakeholders within an organisation.

Drag, drop & create dashboards

Build custom dashboard experiences for
sales teams and reps in minutes.

Custom dashboards

Create amazing dashboard experiences that users can login into outside of the main Kademi admin console.

Drag & Drop

Choose from an extensive range of components from histograms to loyalty activity that can be dropped into highly customized sales and reporting dashboards.

Target dashboards

Create different dashboard experiences that target varying roles from C level executives, to reps and store managers, each with their own set of metrics relevant to their reporting needs.

Style your dashboard

Choose from a library of different themes, drop in text and images to create and engaging look and feel that ties in with your brand guidelines.

Great customer experiences lead to 60% higher profits

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