Incentive & loyalty management

Powerful tools to configure and manage
B2B and B2C loyalty & incentive programs.

Reward store

Every tool you need to setup and manage reward stores from product catalogues to fulfilment and more.

Products & SKUs

Easily upload product SKUs, catalogues, images and more.


Easily setup and manage product variants across your catalogue.

Inventory management

Tools to manage warehouse locations and stock availability.

Point management

Award points to both indivuals and teams through point management tools.

Reward stores

Setup reward stores, configure point multipliers and more.

Order management

Track orders and fulfilment statuses using Kademi's order management tools

Point management

Kademi's point engine is at the heart of its loyalty and incentive capability and responsible for the processing of customer points from debits to credits.

  • Create points tags to track why points were awarded
  • Create point allocation rules
  • Split points into multiple buckets
  • Automate the importing of points
  • Keep track of every point record in a detailed audit

Setup real-time auctions

Easily load and target real-time auctions to groups of customers or users where points can be used to bid on product.

  • Configure lowest or highest bids
  • Target auctions to groups
  • Set start and end dates
  • Automate auction email notifications


Create KPIs to measure individual and team performance within your organisation. When key performance indicators levels are met, setup rules to incentivize and reward individuals and teams.

  • Easily import any type of data from sales to CSI data
  • Easily configure levels, aggregation types and periods
  • Target KPI's to groups
  • Award points for attaining KPI targets

Delight & reward your customers at every touchpoint

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