Kademi Marketing Suite

Send, curate and target highly personalized marketing content
to your customers.

Create & send
beautiful emails

All the tools you need to manage and automate your outbound email communications.


Drag & drop to create beautiful emails in minutes.


Personalize each email communication.


Track everything from open rates to email conversions.

Avoid Spam

Setup SPF and DKIM records to avoid spam filters.


Automate emails using Kademi’s journey builder.


Target content to groups of customers.

Send & manage SMS

Use a blend of communications and introduce SMS to engage with your customers by delivering a range of messages at each touchpoint.

  • Automate SMS using Kademi’s journey builder
  • Personalise messages
  • Track SMS delivery rates
  • Use Kademi’s URL shortner to share website links

Content management made easy

Use K-Editor to rapidly build stunning landing pages and websites in lightning speed.


Drag & drop components into templates to build webpages.


Easily layout your content using various grid systems.


Target content to customers using groups and tags.

Meta Tags

Easily add meta tags to your website pages.


Add web-page content to predefined templates.


Apply different themes to your website content.

Create engaging & personalized
content experiences

Blog management

Create structured content that can be highly personalized, tagged and categorized using Kademi blogs.

Target content

Segment customers into groups to personalize the experience and target content to create better experiences.

Powerful video support

Benefit from auto-generated steaming formats and adaptive bitrates to deliver highly engaging video content across every type of device.

Version content

Version entire websites with a click of a button so you can work on new content without disrupting your live content.

Direct Marketing is Dead!

Discover why 89% of companies are turning to customer experience.

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