Simple lead management

Tools to manage your leads and sales pipeline, all seamlessly and beautifully connected to your customer journeys.

Capture every interaction

See how your leads interact with your company through a timeline that tracks every interaction from a website page view to an outbound email.

Task management

Never forgot to call a customer by creating tasks and reminders to help nurture a customer through a sales funnel.

Sales funnels and analytics

Benefit from dashboard analytics to track and measure your sales effort from funnel progress to lost sales and more.

Document management

Upload and capture files into a customer profile and track if the file is opened or downloaded.

Team management

Easily setup and give teams access to K-CRM to manage your inbound sales leads.

Capture form data

K-CRM automatically integrates with the websites you create in Kademi to capture form data into your K-CRM account.

Automate your sales journey

Create customer journeys to automatically nurture your leads through your sales funnel using Kademi's Journey Builder.

Spend less time clicking and more time selling!

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