Give your customers a voice

Kademi's survey and feedback tools will give you the capabilities to collect feedback and measure customer sentiment.


Create surveys in minutes using a simple and intuitive survey builder.


Create surveys with various question types.


Target survey to groups of customers and users.


Drop surveys into web pages or send by email in minutes.


Access reports to measure survey feedback.

Create & send
emoticon emails

Create & send
emoticon emails

Drop emoticons into email templates to collect feedback from your customers with a single click.

  • Customize emoticon icons
  • Direct customers to personalized landing pages
  • Follow-up with customer surveys
  • Measure emoticon feedback

Automate customer feedback

Automate customer feedback

Create voice of the customer journeys to automatically send emoticon emails and surveys to collect feedback and better understand sentiment after a range of customer interactions from purchasing online to renewing an insurance policy.

Great customer experiences lead to 60% higher profits

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