Powerful training and
certification tools

Create online training programs to increase
product knowledge and change behaviour across
your organisation and sales channel.

management tools

Create highly engaging training content across structured and targeted programs.

Program manager

Structure progressive training programs using a drag & drop course builder.

Content authoring

Drag & drop components into module pages to rapidly build module content.


Design personalised certificates and award CPD points upon module completion.


Create and configure assessments including setting pass marks and maximum attempts.

Targeted experiences

Target training content to groups to create better learning experiences.

ILT programs

Report on and manage instructor led training programs.


Track and measure training outcomes using a series of learner activity reports.


Version entire training programs so you can make changes without interrupting users.

Drag, drop & create

Create training content in minutes using Kademi's visual editor.

training outcomes

training outcomes

Beyond certification and CPD points, award learners points for completing modules. Points can be used in rewards stores, auctions and to rank in leaderboards.

Automate the
learning experience

Automate the
learning experience

Create better learning experiences by designing journeys that nurture learners through programs by combing a series of goals, automated emails and more.

Create incredible learning experiences
through automation, incentives and more.

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