Digtial building blocks

Kademi's revolutionary application component framework is changing the way companies build business solutions.

A fast, flexible and scalable ecosystem

Kademi recognized the challenges of integrating together different pieces of software speaking different languages, so built an experience platform from the ground up that could be customized to meet the needs of any business.

Applications can be switched on and used out of the box, then combined together with other applications to extend a solution. 

Kademi's ecosystem of propriety applications are broken down into unique components, where different application components can be combined together to build a solution.

  • Increase your speed to market when building a solution
  • Lower development costs by building on an existing framework

Build fast and out of the box

Use Keditor, Kademi's multi-purpose drag and drop editor to not only manage your websites content, but also drop application components into web-pages to build your solution fast.

Extend and customize

Go beyond Kademi's standard applications and workflows and customize your solution using developers.

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