Extend & Customize

Go beyond Kademi's out of the box experience, extend any application and create custom applications.

Work locally & sync

Use the tools you know and love to work with and develop locally, then synchronise with the Kademi server using K-Sync.

  • Faster than using regular WebDav
  • Easily push/pull parts of your solution
  • Smoothly sync on folders into multiple targets
  • K-Sync can be utilized with any WebDAV enabled repositories

Build custom applications

Use front-end HTML/CSS and server-side JavaScript to build custom applications that seamlessly integrates with the Kademi ecosystem.

Custom applications can sit inside an account or be uploaded to the Kademi marketplace.

Source control

Use GIT for source control when developing solutions on Kademi in teams.

  • Easily merge code with other developers
  • Get clear visibility of file changes
  • Create and manage developer issues
  • Release news versions of your solutions with ease

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