Integrate with Kademi

Benefit from Kademi's powerful integration services to connect to 3rd party platforms and services.

Legacy systems

Moving away from legacy systems can be difficult at times, so Kademi's engineers put in place capabilities to help companies integrate with Kademi.

Point solutions

Kademi loves to integrate with specialized point solutions.  If you're using one that you love, let us know who they are so we can explore together an integration.

IOT devices

Humans are becoming more connected that ever before from cars to fitness APPs, where each device plays a significant role in the end to end customer experience.

Native APPs

Kademi offers a comprehensive API library allowing you to connect to Native Mobile Applications then use Kademi's platform to manage it.

Social platforms

Social platforms play a crucial role in the customer experience so Kademi has already integrated with platforms including LinkedIn and Facebook.

Data services

Kademi makes the flow of customer and transactional data in and out of its platform easy  to manage using integration services.

A few of our integrations:

Integration toolkit

A platform packed with tools to setup and manage your 3rd party integrations.

Core integration features

Kademi's powerful integration services gives developers the tools they need to connect with 3rd party platforms and APPs in order to manage the flow of data in and out of their Kademi account.  Features include but are not limited to:

  • Write custom code handlings using server-side JavaScript
  • Fetch/receive files from FTP, SFTP, HTTP, HTTPS and Email
  • Use pipeline processing to create integration steps from reading a file to processing rows and inserting data

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