Business to Consumer

One platform to build and manage your customer facing websites, programs and campaigns.

Customer facing solutions

Build each customer facing solution you need in a single ecosystem, all interconnected and working together.

Online shopping experiences

Create online experiences that nurture your customers through to purchase. Go beyond just an online store and combine a loyalty program and customer feedback workflows.

Customer loyalty programs

Incentivize your customers for purchasing your product or service by awarding loyalty points or firing off a digital voucher to nurture them back online to purchase.

Voice of the customer programs

Give your customers a voice and provide a range of ways they can connect with you from sentiment feedback to surveys and online chat.

Customer warranty programs

Put in place an automated workflow to invite customers to register their product and active a warranty.  Extend this to incentivizing a customer after activation.

Customer nurture journeys

Create automated personalized journeys using Kademi's journey builder technology to nurture a customer through to purchase an beyond.

Customer claim programs

Easily setup an claim workflow where a customer can go online and claim a cash-back by providing  their purchasing information.

Everything is beautifully connected in Kademi

Every touch-point is seamlessly connected in Kademi creating incredible experiences for your customers.

Build it & configure it your way

Kademi's revolutionary application component framework is changing the way companies build business solutions.

Build business solutions fast!

Like building blocks, combine together different applications and their components to customize a solution to meet your exact business needs. 

  • Combine together eCommerce with Kademi's loyalty engine, CRM and customer feedback to create an incredible online shopping experience
  • Or blend eLearning with sales incentives and KPIs to accelerate your sales team performance

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