Business to BUSINESS

One platform to build and manage your partner and trade facing programs and campaigns.

Business facing solutions

Build each partner facing solution you need in a single ecosystem, all interconnected and working together.

Sales incentive programs

Create online programs that incentivize your channel partners to sell more product by hitting targets then getting awarded for their achievements.

Training programs

Support your partners, retailers and distributers through online training programs that change behaviour, increases product and service knowledge creating better experiences at point of purchase.

Partner portals

Create partner portals that blend together a range of capabilities from training to sales incentives and downloadable resources.

Trade loyalty programs

Reward your trade customers for buying product through an online rewards catalogue where customers can redeem points for product or travel incentives.

B2B commerce

Create online shopping experiences for your B2B customers where they can go online and purchase your product or services.

Trade claims programs

Setup programs where your trade customers who purchase your product in-store can go online and complete a rebate form to receive a cash-back.

Build it & configure it your way

Kademi's revolutionary application component framework is changing the way companies build business solutions.

Build business solutions fast!

Like building blocks, combine together different applications and their components to customize a solution to meet your exact business needs. 

  • Combine together eCommerce with Kademi's loyalty engine, CRM and customer feedback to create an incredible online shopping experience
  • Or blend eLearning with sales incentives and KPIs to accelerate your sales team performance

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