Collaboration & Recognition

Switch on and combine applications to build a solution tailored to your needs.

Take control of the experience

Powerful admin console tools to create and manage your collaboration & recognition programs.

Collaboration & recognition

Recognition wall

A fun and dynamic way for your users to engage with and recognize peers for their contributions.


Ignite discussion and debates where employees can share, comment and explore any number of forum topics.

Live chat

Drop Kademi's live chat component into your website to support your customers in real-time.

Social commenting

Add social commenting to web-pages allowing users to discuss content in threaded conversations.

Social hoover

Merge social data including likes and comments with customer profiles for deeper analytics.

Single sign-on

Allow your users and customers to log into programs using their Facebook or LinkedIn account.


Create badges that can be used in a recognition wall or automatically awarded based on behaviour.


Fire up calendars and create events that can be managed end to end including event reminders.

Extend your recognition experience

Switch on additional capabilities to support your experience further.


Tools to communicate with your employees and partners.


Give stakeholders access to CRM tools to track employee performance.


Tools to train your employees and channel partners.


Incentivize teams and individuals for hitting targets.

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