Commerce & Payments

Powerful commerce tools to build, configure and manage your online store experience.

Take control of the experience

An intuitive admin console to manage your store products, orders and more.

Commerce features

Store front

Build beautiful storefronts for your customers to explore, add product to cart and checkout.

Order management

Built in tools to view your incoming customer orders, track and manage through to fulfilled.

Product catalogue

Bulk upload or manually add store products including managing details from base cost to freight costs.

SKU & product variations

Use Kademi's SKU management tool to create and manage your product variants.

Pricing & discounting 

Apply pricing and discounting rules to your stores and products using simple intuitive tools.

Inventory management

Improve your customers experience by managing your store inventory which reflects in the store front.

Recommendation engine

Use Kademi's recommendation engage to recommend products customers are likely to purchase.

Faceted search

Customer can use faceted search by applying multiple filters to find what they are looking for.

Store points

Offers customers the option to pay for product using local currency and/or loyalty points.


Benefit from Kademi's integration services to connect with other platforms like accounting software.  

Payment features


Create, manage and send quotes to your customers which includes a quote approval workflow.


Create, manage and send invoices to your customers for collecting payments of products or services.

Purchase orders

Create, manage and send purchase orders to your suppliers. 

Kademi in action

See how an extended purchasing journey can be built that includes
online purchase, marketing, loyalty, CRM and feedback.

Extend your commerce experience

Switch on additional capabilities to support your commerce experience further.


Use journeys to nurture customers online to purchase.

Customer Feedback

Collect customer feedback after a store purchase.


Incentivize customers for purchasing through your store.


Give you sales teams the abiltiy to order product using KCRM.

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