Content & Personalization

Create highly engaging content experience for your customers.

Content editor features to personalize experiences

Drag & drop editor

Use Keditor, Kademi's multi-purpose editor to drag and drop content from images to videos and text into web pages to rapidly built out web-page content.

Application components

Go beyond content and drop in functional application components including a list of recommended products in a store to a poll that captures customer feedback.

Content personalization

Target content using customer tags and groups to creating highly personalized content experiences for your customers.

Digital asset management

Supercharge and personalize your content using Digital Asset Management where content can be broken down into assets and dynamically served using queries on your customer data.

Blog management

Easily fire up a blog and create structured content that can be segmented using categories and tags and targeted to your customers.  Blogs also support an approval workflow for publishing.

Mutli-lingual support

Use Kademi's Digital Asset Manager to create multiple sets of multi-lingual content that can be served based on user preference or geo-location..

Content versioning

Benefit from built in content versioning where entire websites can be versioned with a click of a button, worked on and improved before publishing live with a click of a button.

HTML editor

If you like to delve into the world of HTML and make changes to your content at a HTML and CSS level, simply work within your browser and adapt and change the page HTML and theme.

Extend your content experience

Switch on additional capabilities to support your content experience further.

Online Stores

Use Keditor to build your online store in lightning speed.


Blend Kademi's marketing tools with content capabilities.


Use Keditor to author beautiful and engaging training content.


Design beautiful consumer  websites and landing pages.

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