Everything you need to know about your customer from a single view.

Simple lead management

Effective tools to manage your customers, leads and sales pipeline.


Tools to create and manage all your sales leads, contacts and company data from a simple and intuitive interface.

Track your leads

See how your leads interact with your company through a timeline that tracks every interaction from a website page view to an outbound email.

Task management

Never forgot to call a customer by creating tasks and reminders to help nurture a customer through a sales funnel.


Benefit from dashboard analytics to track and measure your sales effort from funnel progress to lost sales and more.

Document management

Share files with your customers and easily track to see if a file has been opened or downloaded by your customer.

Team management

Easily setup and give teams access to KCRM to manage your inbound sales leads.

Website integration

KCRM automatically integrates with the websites you create in Kademi to capture sales inquiries into your KCRM account.


Customise your lead management experience, brand it your way, extend data capture and drop in other Kademi apps from training to KPIs.

Data management tools

A suite of tools in your Kademi admin console to segment and manage your customer and user data.

Profile management

Explore, manage and easily update customer data from a single profile view in your Kademi account

Faceted search

Easily search your customer data by applying multiple filters to find what you are looking for.


A powerful way to segment your customers then apply permissions limiting what customer can do.

Dynamic Groups

Create lists of customers using queries that dynamically add profiles to groups for segmentation.


Tag and segment your customers in meaningful ways to better understand who they are.

Custom fields

Easily setup and manage custom fields to capture a wealth of customer data into your account.


Link customer profiles to an organisation and structure organisation into hierarchies.

Import wizards

Benefit from Kademi's easy to use import wizards to upload your customer and company data.

Extend your CRM experience

Switch on additional capabilities to support your CRM experience further.


Use journeys to automate your CRM workflows.

Customer Feedback

Give support reps access to customer feedback in real-time.  


Enable sales teams to order product through KCRM.


Easily drop sales training into your CRM workflow.

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