Give you customer a voice and start to learn and better understand their sentiment.

Take control of the experience

Powerful admin console tools to create and manage your voice of the customer programs.

Feedback features


Build and target surveys to your customers to collect in depth feedback.

One click feedback

Drop emoticon feedback into emails to collect one click feedback from your customers.


Use forums in an open discussion to collect and respond to customer feedback and comments.

Feedback journeys

Automate feedback to go out based on how customers interact with your brand using customer journeys.

Online chat

Switch on live chat to start engaging with your customers in real-time to collect feedback and support them.

Extend your feedback experience

Switch on additional capabilities to support your feedback experience further.


Automate feedback using customer journeys.


Track survey and sentiment feedback with analytics.


Reward customers and users for providing feedback.


Lead management tools to alerts reps after poor sentiment.

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