Journeys &
Workflow Management

Create and scale your business using journeys and workflow tools.

Journeys & workflow management features

Drag & drop

Drag & drop different types of nodes onto a canvas to design your journeys.  Journeys can range from nurturing a customer by automatically sending a series of emails through to creating large complex workflows that updates records in your CRM, sends out targeted offers to nurture a customer online to purchase and more.

Application control

Kademi's journey builder goes beyond sending emails.  Every Kademi application has its own set of nodes allowing a journey you create to control each application from automatically creating tasks in your CRM account to rewarding points to a customer for providing feedback on your product or service.

Leads & goals

Kademi's journey tool is seamlessly integrated with it's core CRM application where leads are created when a customer or user first starts a journey.  Leads are tracked across funnel stages and nurtured towards specific goals for example making an online purchase which could lead to sending a feedback email and beyond.

Engagement scoring

Setup and configure engagement scoring to track how customers interact with your company from opening emails to purchasing online.  Engagement scoring seamlessly integrates with Kademi's CRM tool showing sales and customer support teams how active and engaged a customer is.

Custom nodes

When building custom application in your Kademi account, extend this to creating your own custom nodes that can be used and managed by a journey.


Benefit from powerful versioning that will allow you to iterate and improve you journeys over time in an off-line mode before publishing your journey live.

Extend your use of journeys

Switch on additional capabilities to support your experience further.

Online Stores

Using journeys to automate your online purchasing experience.

Customer Feedback

Design and automate voice of the customer programs.


Automate your email and SMS marketing campaigns.  


Use journeys to automate CRM workflows.  

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