Learning & Knowledge

Switch on and combine applications to build a learning solution tailored to your needs.

Take control of the experience

Powerful admin console tools to create and manage your learning programs.

Learning & knowledge features

Course management

Easily design your course structure breaking down your content into programs, courses and modules.

Module desginer

Use Kademi's visual drag & drop editor to build your module pages by dropping in images, video and more.


Design certificates and certify your learners for completing a set number of courses or programs.

CPD point management

Award Continuing Professional Development points for completing modules.

Learning journeys

Create learning pathways using Kademi's journey builder tool, automating engagement and nurturing learners.

Downloadable resources

Easily upload an share resources with your learners that they can download for further reading.

Learner badges

Award your learners badges for completing training by recognizing them for their achievements.

Learning incentives

Incentivize your learners for their achievements by rewarding points for competing modules.

Learning forums

Extend the learning experience using Kademi's forums enabling learners to share and support each other.

Learning journal

Switch on Kademi's journal APP allowing learners to record daily notes throughout their learning experience.

Extend your feedback experience

Switch on additional capabilities to support your feedback experience further.


Monetize your learning material using Kademi payments.

Customer Feedback

Create online surveys to collect customer sentiment.


Incentivize training by awarding points for completing training.


Create learning KPIs using Kademi's performance tools.

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