Channel Learning & Enablement Features

Launch targeted online training courses, certify partners, and reward training outcomes.

Partner learning portal with online training courses

Everything you need to succeed 

Tools to structure and target training content to your network of partners.

Course builder

Structure training content into programs, courses, and modules using Kademi's drag and drop course builder.

Module designer

Design module content by dropping in images, text, video, and other 3rd party content, including SCORM and Articulate content.

Create assessments

Design assessments that are easily configured and include minimum pass marks, attempts, and question banks.

Target training 

Target courses to different partners, entire sales regions, or new partners as an onboarding program.

Automate learning

Using Kademi's journey automation tool, set up intelligent workflows that nurture learners to complete training.

Design learning pathways

Create learning pathways that target training content at different partners based on varying factors from experience to sales channels.

Onboard partners fast

Automatically onboard partners and assign training content, follow up with email and SMS reminders and help partners get up to speed.

Automated partner learning journey
Point rule calculator

Reward training outcomes

Blend a range of incentive workflows that nurture partners to engage and complete online training content.

Learn and earn

Award points for completing modules that get used to purchase merchandise in a reward store.

Award badges

Design and award learning badges when partners complete online courses.

Certify partners

Generate dynamic learning certificates for accreditation purposes, and allow partners to download certificates as PDFs.

Channel Learning Applications

Explore different applications you can combine to build learning solutions. 


Train Partners Online

Create targeted online training courses that customers can complete and earn points, badges and certificates. 

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Create Blog Content

Target and share structured blog content with your customers that can be filtered by tags and categories.

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Share Files & Resources

Create online resources your customers can view online and download to their computer or mobile phone.


Channel Learning Solutions

Explore a few Channel Learning solutions you can build using Kademi.

Partner Onboarding

Scale and succeed by automating the onboarding of your valued partners, helping nurture them to complete training and hit their first sales target.

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Partner Training Program

Discover how you can launch learn and earn programs using Kademi, where online course completion can be incentivized in different ways.

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