Loyalty & Promotions

Reward and incentivize your customers to do more business with you.

Loyalty rich features

Powerful admin console tools to create and manage your loyalty programs.

Loyalty & promotion features

Loyalty engine

Award points to customers and users in programs for purchasing product (B2C) to hitting sales targets (B2B).

Point management

Powerful tools to track, manage and audit points in your consumer and channel incentive programs.

Recognition levels

A great way to setup and manage loyalty tiers in your B2B and B2C programs.

eCoupons & vouchers

Send out a range or digital vouchers and coupons to your customers to nurture them back online.


Setup a range of promotions from gift with purchase promotions to online competition entry forms.

B2B & B2C claims

Create online claim forms where customers and trade partners can claim rebates for purchases or sales.


Setup online real-time auctions where customers and users can bid points to win auction prizes.

Reward stores

Easily setup and configure reward stores where  participants can use loyalty points to purchase product.

Extend your loyalty experience

Switch on additional capabilities to support your loyalty experience further.

Online Stores

Build online stores to sell  product to your customers.

Customer Feedback

Create online surveys to collect customer sentiment.


Automated engagement with your customers using journeys.

Sales Incentives

Use Kademi's loyalty features in B2B sales incentive programs.

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