Marketing Suite

Starting automating and nurturing your customers towards purchase and more.

Marketing features

Email marketing

Easily market to your customers using Kademi's suite of email marketing tools.  Drag and drop content into email templates, target emails to groups of customers and track results using analytics.

SMS marketing

Kademi integrated with to give customers the ability to blend SMS communications into standard email marketing programs.  Easily setup SMS messages and automate sending.

Marketing automation

Benefit from Kademi's powerful journey builder technology to design customers journeys and automatically manage the sending of email and SMS communications.

Web content management

Build beautiful web-pages and landing pages using Kademi's drag and drop content editor.  Benefit from versioning to iterate your content over time before you publish live.

Extend your marketing experience

Switch on additional capabilities to support your marketing experience further.


Use journeys to automate your email and SMS marketing.


Design and build beautiful web and landing pages.


Target personalized promotions to your customers.


Track customer engagement using data analytics.

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