Channel Commerce and Payment Features

Start selling your product online, target pricing rules, and collect payments from your valued partners through a secure portal.

An online B2B eCommerce website

Grow online fast

B2B commerce stores can be dropped into a partner portal fast using Kademi's component-based architecture.

Customize your store

Setup, configure and brand your B2B eCommerce store that sits inside an integrated partner portal experience using K-Editor.

Store management 

Access powerful features to manage every aspect of your store, including tools to upload large numbers of products, manage SKUs and variants, inventory and orders.

Target pricing rules

Manage different pricing rules for each of your partners, meaning you can sell a product at different price points in your store.

Collect Payments

Make it easy for your partners to do business with you by tailoring a payment method to suit their needs.

Credit card

Benefit from one of Kademi's integrations with major global payment providers worldwide so you can collect credit card payments.

Invoice and pay later

Use a combination of Kademi's quoting and invoicing workflows to collect payments from customers outside of the online store experience.

A B2B eCommerce checkout form
Point rule calculator

Automate Payment Workflows

Design payment workflows that automatically engage and remind partners to make payments, such as renewing a monthly order.

Design payment journeys

K-Journeys is used to build customer journeys using intelligent workflows to engage a partner when a payment is due.

Blended communications 

Combine email, SMS, and dashboard alerts to notify partners of upcoming payments.

Personalize payment experiences 

Journeys can personalize the experience for each partner and handle different payment workflows.

Channel Commerce Applications

Explore different applications you can install and combine to build online commerce and payment solutions. 


Sell Product Online

Sell product online and set up payment workflows to collect payments using Kademi’s eCommerce features.

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Collect Payments

Allows customers to make purchases using a credit card on your website through an online self checkout form.


K-Manual Payments

Manual Payments

Lets customers check out without entering payment details so you can process their payment manually. 



Invoice Workflows

Create invoices for payment and send them to your customer once a proposal has been accepted. 


Create & Send Proposals

Send quotes and proposals to your customers, then get approval before you invoice a customer to collect payment.