Sales performance tools

Support your internal sales teams and channel partners with supercharged sales tools.

Powerful performance tools

An intuitive admin console to setup and manage your B2B incentive programs.

Performance features

KPI management

Track any type of KPI from hitting a sales target to reaching a customer service level.


An intuitive and powerful CRM to manage customer data, tasks and sales funnels.


Increase knowledge of sales teams and channel partners through online training programs.


Nurture a friendly competitive culture by tracking and ranking participants in programs.

Recognition wall

A great way to recognize both employees and channel partners for their contributions.


Reward badges to your high achievers for hitting targets and achieving goals.

Sales claims

Create claim forms where sales claims can be submitted, approved and managed end to end.

Reward stores

Reward your high achievers points which can be used to purchase product from a reward store.

Extend your your incentive solutions

Switch on additional capabilities to support your experience further.


Use journeys to engage with and nurture your B2B customers.

Customer Feedback

Collect feedback from your B2B customers.


Incentivize B2B customers for purchasing your product.


Give your support team CRM tools to manage B2B customers.

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