Our DNA is Business to Business

We help companies that sell to other companies scale, grow and thrive using our B2B platform.

An integrated partner portal showing sales targets, eLearning, and rewards.

Everything together

Create better experiences by engaging and targetting your partners through a single portal experience.

Easier to transact 

Make it easy for your partners by putting all their sales data, targets, training, and information in one place.

Reduce software silos

Reduce the number of platforms, integrations, and customer data sets using a single platform. 

Improve efficiencies

Get more done managing all aspects of your customer-facing tools and solutions from a single admin console. 

Simplifying complexity

Access the tools you need to set up and manage complex sales channels, hierarchies, and roles.

Organizational hierarchy

Sales channels

Create solutions that deliver results across each stage of a sales channel; all easily supported using Kademi’s hierarchical tools.

Organizational hierarchies

Manage the complexities of hierarchies within an organization, so you control how data and permissions cascade down from top to bottom.

Roles and permissions

Within an organization, easily segment people into roles so you can deliver highly personalized content experiences across a company.

Built for small and enterprise

Our team of engineers built Kademi from the ground up, considering our customer's hosting needs and putting security at the heart of everything we do.

Flexible hosting

Benefit from Kademi's ready-to-go multi-tenanted hosted instance on Amazon Web Services, or choose to self-host Kademi within your own infrastructure. 

Scalable and secure  

Kademi adopts the latest technologies from scalable infrastructure that fires up new web servers on demand through to intrusion detection and prevention tools. 

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We like to connect

Integrate with your existing platforms and services to enhance the solutions you build on Kademi.

Integrating with Kademi