Launch a B2B sales promotion

Selling through a sales channel has its challenges, including slow-performing product lines, a lack of brand advocacy, and product launches failing to achieve traction. 

Sales promotions can be launched in minutes using Kademi. Easily configure date ranges, landing page content, and pricing rules - helping you accelerate sales performance and connect with the right partner. 

Discover the benefits of running a B2B sales promotion:

Target for success  

Sales promotions are easily targeted at product categories, SKUs, specific customers, and sales regions. 


Sales promotions create a sense of urgency by applying cut-off dates that incentivize customers to act fast.

Get competitive

Running sales promotions help shift attention away from your competitors to your product lines at point of sale.

Program features that you'll love

Launch B2B sales promotions that accelerate performance across your sales channel fast.

Partner dashboard showing sales promotions

Target partners with promotions 

Personalize sales promotions to each partner that displays on their dashboard when they log into your partner portal.

  • Drop promotions into an integrated dashboard experience that includes other features, e.g., partner training or sales KPIs.
  • Include rich imagery and content within the promotion tile to engage the logged-in user.
  • Automatically hide promotions when they expire.
B2B eCommerce pricing rules

Flexible promotion incentives

Using Kademi, different types of promotions can be set up and targeted to each partner within the portal.  

  • Pricing rules: dynamically adjust product pricing to each partner within your B2B eCommerce store.
  • Competitions: set up competition entry forms for partners to compete in, for example, a retail display promotion. 
  • Voucher codes: create and award vouchers that apply a discount to an order when a partner checks out from your online store.
Sales promotion landing page

Design catchy landing pages

Most sales promotions use a landing page to communicate the benefits and conditions of a sales promotion.

  • Design and style landing page content using K-Editor.
  • Combine images, text, video, and interactive components.
  • Describe the promotion mechanic and rules.
  • Display promotions terms and conditions.

All the tools you need to succeed

Explore features that will help you set up your sales promotion on Kademi.

Launch promotions fast

Promotions are easily configured and launched by non-technical administrators using a step-by-step wizard.

Define promotion periods

Set up promotions to be always on, or choose a start and end date, so promotions automatically expire.

Highly targeted

Create different sales promotions that you can target to an entire sales channel or a specific partner.

Why use Kademi's sales promotion software

Quick to launch

We built a platform for non-technical uses, so you won't have to rely on web developers each time you set up a promotion.

Single portal experience

Sales promotions can sit inside an integrated partner portal alongside other features, including partner training and reward stores.

Integrated eCommerce

Sell products online using Kademi's B2B eCommerce features and dovetail your sales promotion with your store.

Answers to your questions

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