Launch a SPIFF program

Unlike sales incentive programs that are typically always-on-programs that can run for a year or more, a SPIFF (Sales Performance Incentive Fund) are incentive strategies designed to reach short-term goals fast, such as shifting old inventory across retailers by rewarding cash payouts.

Discover the benefits of a SPIFF program:

Shift old stock fast

Old inventory can often get overlooked by sales partners. Launching a SPIFF sales incentive can help shift old stock and improve your brand reputation.

Launch new products 

Sometimes advertising isn't enough to launch a new product into new markets, so Sales Performance Incentive Funds are a great way to refocus sales efforts.

Hit sales targets

If you're not tracking too well towards your sales period targets, launching a SPIFF incentive can help accelerate progress and meet your sales goals much faster.

Program features that you'll love

Explore features you can use to build and launch your program using Kademi's SPIFF software.

Partner dashboard showing sales incentive fund payouts

Excite sales teams

When they log into their portal, give sales reps access to dynamic sales data and performance metrics to keep them engaged and selling.

  • Show total pending cash payouts.
  • Show total past payouts.
  • Implement sales targets using KPIs.
  • Show participants commission on each product sold.
  • Drop-in leaderboards to drive competition.  
SPIFF cash payouts to credit cards

Cash payouts made easy

To help our customers make cash payouts, Kademi integrated with so incentive funds can be automatically paid to participants in a SPIFF program. Payout options typically include:

  • Credit cards
  • Debit cards
  • Virtual prepaid cards
  • Bank EFT
Partner performance dashboard showing sales results

Track sales performance 

Give internal sales reps and stakeholders access to real-time sales reports, which can include:

  • Sales performance broken down by SKU
  • Sales volume by partner
  • Top ranking partners 
  • Top SPIFF payouts

SPIFF software features

Explore software features that will help you manage your program on Kademi.


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Why choose Kademi's SPIFF program management tools

Launch programs fast

Stay ahead of your competition by firing up regular tactical sales promotions using an easy-to-use wizard - no coding required.

Roll back payments

Using Kademi, payouts can be rolled back with a click of a button, adjusting payouts for the current or next sales period. 

Meet compliance needs

Kademi's incentive framework ensures every sales transaction is linked to a payout for auditing purposes. 

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