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Our awesome team will help you navigate around and get the most out of the Kademi platform using live chat support.

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The chat button is located at the bottom of the Kademi Website and Admin console screens. Just click it and start chatting!

Helping you navigate

Online chat support is limited to helping customers navigate around and use the features in the Kademi platform. It does not extend to making changes in a customers account.

We'll always get back to you

When one of the team is unavailable a message can be left. Kademi will endeavour to respond to messages in the quickest time-frame possible.

Don't forget

Where chat support is unavailable and a message is left, it is important to leave an accurate email address so Kademi can respond to the request.

How we support our awesome customers

Kademi provides two layers of online chat support.

Admin console support

Helping customers navigate around and configure the Admin console screens. This could include but not be limited to using customer journeys or loading products into an online store.

Developer support

The Kademi team will help developers navigate around and use the developer specific capabilities in the Kademi platform. This could include but not be limited to updating and extending APP templates or building custom APPs.

Change requests

When a customer does not have the internal or external support to make a change in their account which could include re-configuring an email automation or updating template code, Kademi provides the following options.

  • Purchase a block of pre-paid support hours
  • Kademi support will reiterate back the change request to confirm it is correct
  • Then any changes made will be billed at a rate of $50 per 30 minute increments (deducted from the pre-paid hours)
  • Before a change is made to a customers account, the request must be approved by Kademi management
  • All changes are applied with no warranties or liabilities

Investigating an issue

There may be times when an issue requires investigation which could include debugging a customers code in a template, or ascertaining why an email does not fire in a series of email triggers that form part of a campaign that a customer has created. Where a customer does not have the internal or external support to carry out the investigation, Kademi can provide this service.

  • All investigations will be billed at a rate of $50 per 30 minute increments (deducted from pre-paid support hours)
  • If at any point in an investigation Kademi discovers the issue relates to a platform problem, there will be no charge.
  • All investigations and their outcome will be debriefed to the customer

Project Implementations

Where a customer does not have the internal resources or a supporting 3rd party company to setup a project in their account, Kademi supports our customers in two ways.

Partner Network

Get connected to highly skilled companies ranging from digital marketing agencies to customer experience consultants who can work with you to implement a project into your Kademi account.

K-Projects Team

Kademi provides a highly skilled projects team specifically designed to work with customers on the implementation of projects into their account, before handing over to a customer for ongoing management.

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