Loyalty Program

Reward customers more as they level-up through a series of tiers.


About this solution

This solution uses a fictitious brand called Aurea Motors, a car manufacturer who wants to increase sales across dealerships by getting sales consultants to hit periodic sales targets, and when they do, reward them points which can be used in a reward store.

Participants in this program don’t register, instead they are preloaded, along with a list of dealerships which are loaded and managed using Kademi’s organization management tools.

This solution also uses sales promotions, and includes eLearning which awards points for completed and assessed modules.


To set up this solution, the following applications have been installed and configured.
Application Configuration
K-Commerce Configured as a points based reward store.
K-Promotions Used to set up tactical sales promotions that award bonus points on the purchase of specific products.
K-Recogntion Used to configure bronze, silver and gold levels, and calculated how many points a customer should earn for a purchase.
K-Journeys Used to automatically nurture customers to make purchase product by sending them emails.
How you manage this solution
As an administrator of this solution you'll be able use the full suite of tools to manage it including:
  • Setup tactical sales promotions
  • Send emails to your customers
  • Manage your customer data
  • Add and update eLearning content

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