Sales Claim Programs

Many companies face a common problem when launching a sales incentive program: getting hold of up-to-date sales data from their channel partners. Without sales data, there is no way to calculate a payout on sales a partner makes at the point of purchase.

Launching a sales claim program has never been easier using Kademi's claim workflows.

Discover the benefits of a sales claim program:

Access accurate data

Getting partners to upload claims provides rich transactional data on who made the sale, what they sold, the customer, and date of sale.

Reduce commercial risk

Kademi's claim software provides comprehensive workflows to review, validate and approve each claim before making a payout.

Nurture partner loyalty 

Rewarding partners for sales using different payouts from points-based reward stores to digital gifts helps nurture sales growth.

Program features that you'll love

Explore features you can use to build and launch your sales claim program.

Sales claim form that allows partners to claim sales and get rewarded

Make it easy to claim

Configure a claim form to meet your business needs and collect the information you need to validate and approve a claim quickly.

  • Customizable claim form fields.
  • Include features for partners to upload proof of sale.
  • Allow partners to upload more than one claim at a time.
  • Show partners a list of pending and approved claims.
A feature that allows partners to claim a sale

Click and claim

When you can access sales data from your channel but don't know who made the sale, use Kademi's click and claim workflow.

  • Participants only see sales relative to their team or company.
  • Tagging a sales transaction takes seconds.
  • Participants can view and search for historical sales transactions.
Points based reward store

Payouts and rewards that delight

Once a claim is approved, configure how you want to reward your partners for the sales they make.

  • Calculate and award points on the sale amount - points can then be used in a reward store.
  • Convert sales to dollars that get loaded onto reloadable visa or debit card.
  • Set up sales targets for partners to achieve, which once achieved awards points or cash.

Claim management made easy

KCRM is used to set up administrator portals to review and process sales claims before payouts are made. 

  • Setup funnels to manage claims, for example, review, escalate, and payout claim.
  • Use tasks management workflows, so administrators stick to a structured process.
  • Automatically email and SMS to participants on the progress of their sales claim.
  • Access historical sales claims and payouts for auditing purposes.

All the tools you need to succeed

Explore features that will help you manage your program on Kademi.

Auto validation

Upload datasets to validate against claims, such as a list of serials numbers a user must enter when uploading a claim.

Rollback claims

When errors occur, quickly search for a sales claim, then roll it back and reset it with a click of a button.

Batch approvals 

Manage large volumes of sales claims by using Kademi's import wizard to upload and approve or reject batches of claims.

Why use Kademi's sales claim software

Quick to launch

Launch programs fast using K-Editor. Claim forms can be dropped into partner portals and configured fast without having to touch a line of code.

We put security first 

Put your program behind a secure partner portal. Switch on two-factor authentication for added security, and prevent competitors from accessing your program.

Reduce commercial risk

Kademi's proven claim management workflows are used by companies around the world, ensuring claims get uploaded securely and the correct payouts are made on time.

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