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Kademi's hosted sync: Salesforce, HubSpot, CRM/ERP, and more


Connect data through Kademi’s hosted real-time bidirectional sync.

Benefit from a system that ensures data consistency and integrity across multiple platforms by synchronizing and updating data on a regular basis.

  • Pre-built integrations
  • Expertly managed by Kademi
  • Rapid deployment & setup
FTP: Scheduled batch mode file transfer for data sources, including CRM/ERP


Connect data sources through scheduled batch mode file transfer.

Ideal for non-techies seeking effortless data exchange with Kademi! Integrate external data stores using intuitive, code-free tools (import wizards) to bridge the gap between your Kademi account and outside data sources.

  • Hassle-free integrations
  • Swift setup and deployment
  • Developer-free implementation
API: Connect data sources via Kademi's versatile capabilities, including CRM/ERP


Connect data sources through Kademi’s API capabilities.

Embrace your inner techie! Craft custom APIs for seamless integration with any 3rd party platform, empowering data sync on-demand or in real-time.

  • Customize integrations to fit your requirements
  • Empower software developers with flexibility
  • Explore Kademi's comprehensive API documentation

Kademi in action

Discover how Kademi effortlessly connects via a hosted integration with Salesforce, creating a streamlined and cohesive experience that enhances your workflow and optimizes data sharing between the two platforms

Instant Integrations

Unleash the Power of Seamless Connectivity with some of the worlds most recognized platforms and solutions.


Record & playback sessions to discover how customers interact with your solution.


SMS integration provider that lets you send SMS messages through Kademi.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics offers great reporting on user activity, at no cost to you.


Integrate your Shopify eCommerce store solution with your Kademi account.


SMS integration provider that lets you send SMS messages through Kademi.


Shuttle allows you to connect to a range of different payment providers.


Synchronize orders and invoices between Xero and your Kademi account.


Stop the bots and switch on Google Recaptcha to use in your solutions.


Share data between Kademi and Salesforce using bi-directional sync.


Share data between Kademi and Hubspot using bi-directional sync.


Use machine learning to extract structured sales data from PDF invoices.


Integrate with XRTM to accept digital payments through your site.

Discover more integrations

Unlock the full potential of Kademi's PRM with our extensive range of integrations! Get in touch with our sales team today and take the first step towards success.

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