Code-less architecture 

Kademi makes building web applications and websites easy using our component UI architecture.


Install in seconds

Select and install any number of Kademi applications from our marketplace to build your solution.

Kademi's application marketplace

Quick to install

Marketplace applications take seconds to install and are ready to use immediately.

Combine applications

Combine together different applications to build hundreds of solution variations.

Scale solutions 

Build what you need today and add new applications and capabilities over time.

Explore the marketplace

Explore just some of the Kademi applications you can install and combine together to build your solution.

User Interface

As easy as drag & drop

Each Kademi application has its own set of user interface components that can be dropped into your web-pages and portal screens.

Kademi's drag and drop component based editor

Flexible layouts

Easily structure application components on your web pages by dropping them into position using Keditor.

Brand it your way

Drop in your branding and solution content from images to videos and text with great ease.

Mobile responsive

Every website and web-application built on Kademi uses the Bootstrap responsive framework.

Kademi in action

Watch a video of Kedtior in action and see how quick and easy you can build solution interfaces.


Configure your solution

Each solution will need configuring from setting up points rules to configuring customer journeys.

Kademi's promotion setup wizard


Code on-demand

Go beyond what Kademi provisions out of the box and extend Kademi to meet your business requirements.

Developer code to customize Kademi

Extend applications 

Kademi’s architecture gives developers the flexibility to customize application workflows, templates, and components.

Build custom applications

Use HTML/CSS and server-side JavaScript to build custom applications that seamlessly integrate with Kademi.

Work locally & sync

Use the tools you know and love to work with and develop locally, then synchronize with the Kademi server using K-Sync.

Go live

Launch your solution!

Once you make your solution live, it’s time to manage and market it to the world.

Image of a rocket ship launching


Access a suite of tools to manage your customer data, loyalty points and much more.

Promote and market

Keep your customers engaged by setting up promotions and marketing to them.

Keep it fresh

Version your solution and install new applications to keep your customers engaged. 

Kademi in action

Watch a video of a solution being built end to end from the applications getting installed, right through to configuring the solution.