Marketing Development Funds 

MDF programs are funds typically made available by a manufacturer to help eligible partners claim expenses directly relating to their marketing efforts.

MDFs mutually benefit both parties and enable partners to make claims that can be reviewed and approved before processing a payout. 

Discover the benefits of an MDF program:

Create a shared success model

MDF programs are mutually beneficial where the manufacturer might pay out a percentage of the costs; however, both parties can gain from sales growth. 

Leverage local knowledge

Making marketing development funds available in a market helps leverage the expertise of partners who already know how to reach and connect with customers. 

Help motivate new partners

Marketing development funds are a great way to kick-start new partnerships, helping lower the risk for partners as they go to market and start selling your product.

Program features that you'll love

Launch an MDF program that helps kick-start sales in new and emerging markets.

Marketing development fund claim form



Make it easy to claim 

Expenses are easily claimed using Kademi's claim management workflow.

  • Customize your claim form to collect the necessary information to approve a claim.
  • Track and refund different types of marketing activities.
  • Ask partners to upload proof of their marketing activities.
  • Show partners pending and approved claims.
  • Show partners total funds claimed to date. 
Marketing development fund CRM approval workflow



Review and approve MDF claims

Track, review, and approve each market development fund claim as they arrive in real-time.

  • Setup funnels to help process payouts, for example, received, review, escalate, and payout.
  • Task management workflows ensure program administrators follow a process.
  • Keep partners up to speed with their claims by automatically sending emails and SMS.
Marketing development fund payout options

Flexible refunds

MDF funds can include cash payouts and other types of rewards which include:

  • Reward loyalty points to purchase merchandise in a reward store
  • Convert dollars to gift cards or digital rewards
  • Convert dollars to reloadable credit cards

Why use Kademi's sales MDF management software

Take a blended approach

Often marketing development fund programs are dovetailed into channel incentive programs, appearing in the same partner portal and targeting specific partners.

Launch fast

Kademi's code-less platform architecture means programs can be set up fast without touching a single line of code, giving our customers a competitive advantage.

More than one way to pay

Kademi's extensive incentive and reward framework means you get to choose how you pay your MDF funds in a way that best aligns with your partner's needs.

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