Your All-In-One
Partner Relationship
Management Software

Kademi helps companies turn transactional relationships into long-term valued partnerships by onboarding partners, incentivizing sales growth, and rewarding loyalty.

Partner Onboarding & Enablement

Fast track partner onboarding using Kademi's automation tools.

  • Design partner journeys
  • Automate communications
  • Personalize experiences

Sales Incentive Programs

Incentivize partners to hit sales targets and grow year over year.

  • Track sales targets
  • Calculate payouts
  • Reward partners

Partner Training Programs

Nurture partners to complete training by offering rewards.

  • Launch structured training
  • Track learner progress
  • Reward badges and points 

Stacked for success

Explore the powerful features behind Kademi’s all-in-one PRM Software that customers use to build highly successful channel partner solutions.

Channel relationship management

Manage the entire lifecycle of partners from onboarding, automating engagement, targeting, and managing data.

Channel incentive management

Tools to incentivize partners to achieve sales targets, calculate payouts, and reward sales growth and loyalty.

Channel commerce & payments

Sell product online using Kademi’s eCommerce capabilities and set up workflows to collect payments. 

Channel learning & enablement

Share enablement resources, launch targeted online training courses, and certify and reward training outcomes. 

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Built for B2B companies

Discover the reasons why companies worldwide are turning to Kademi’s partner management software to deliver their B2B solutions.

Future proof your business

Move away from legacy software to an all-in-one platform that will give you a competitive edge.

Manage complex sales channels

Selling through sales channels has complexities, so Kademi built tools to make it easy for customers.

Unify your customer solutions

Create better experiences for your customers by unifying your customer data and digital solutions.

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Kademi in action

Explore our latest demonstration videos and experience how different Kademi features work.

A smart way to launch business solutions

From loyalty programs to tactical incentive promotions, Kademi’s PRM software gets solutions into market fast.

Code-free solutions

Build business solutions fast without ever having to call on a software developer to write code.

As easy as drag & drop

Reduce the development time of solutions by over 50% using Kademi’s component framework.

Reduce commercial risk

Moving away from building solutions to configuring them using ready-to-go features and workflows.

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Frank Creighton from Appreciate Group

"Using Kademi we were able to increase a customers sales by 35% year on year."

Frank Creighton

Director @ Appreciate Business Services
UK Partner

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