How to Build a B2B Referral Program? Best Practices and Types

B2B referral programs are gaining popularity as businesses recognize the significant value of trusted recommendations. Stay up-to-date and grow your business.

Staff Incentives in the Age of Work-from-Home

For employers, the dramatic shift to widespread remote working ushered in by the COVID-19 Pandemic, has created both challenges and opportunities. Here we walk you though a strategy to improve customer service, increase staff retention and boost productivity.

Channel Incentives Definition and Importance

Channel incentive programs shape partner actions amidst evolving ecosystems, fostering channel loyalty and boosting sales. Read the article to learn more now!

The Evolution of SPIFFs Maximising Results with AI

In the competitive world of sales, a well-designed incentive program can be the difference between stellar results and struggling to make quota. Enter the SPIFF—short for Sales Performance Incentive Funding/Financing/Fee—an attractive cash bonus that motivates frontline salespeople to drive sales of specific products.

VIDEO: How to create partner training courses in Kademi

Short video showing Kademi's authoring tools for elearning content. Includes showing AI tools to quickly generate text and images from descriptions.

Let's Add Some Fun! Three Proven Gamification Strategies for Your Partner Ecosystem

Ready to inject some excitement into your partner relationships and take things beyond purely transactional interactions? Then it's time to explore the power of gamification for creating engaging, motivating experiences for your partners!

The ultimate guide to channel and partner training for 2024

Your company has invested in great products. Perhaps you excel in a particular niche, or you’re dominant across a whole category, or maybe you compete on value, having made smart trade-offs. But whatever your strengths are, they’re all for nothing if the people selling your products don’t know them. The solution? Educating your channel partners about your products

Design the perfect partner programme for your software company

Indirect sales, achieved through a robust partner ecosystem, can be a game-changer for your software business. By leveraging the strengths of three key partner types — affiliates, referral partners, and resellers — you open the door to expanded market reach and accelerate growth.

Building the perfect dealer incentive program

We all know the power of incentives. In any situation they’re powerful, but perhaps nowhere as much as when you want your channel/dealers to enthusiastically sell your product. This guide will show you how to design the perfect incentive program for your business.

How to: Build an automated partner onboarding process

This video is a walk-through of creating a journey with the Kademi journey designer, that implements an invitation and self signup process. It shows nurturing users through their initial engagement with the program, checking for elearning results and awarding points.

B2B dealer program: The ultimate guide for increasing channel sales 2024

In this article, you'll find everything you need to set up and launch a dealer engagement program. This how-to guide covers all the basics, including what a dealer engagement program is and what sorts of businesses it is good for, what elements make up a good program such as elearning and incentives, and how to apply them within your channel network.

AI to the rescue! Let your partners find your information the easy way with Kademi's OpenAI powered Partner Assist

Your partners need to get the answers they need about your products fast. With Kademi you can give your partners an AI chatbot on your documentation.

Mastering the Art of Partner Marketing in B2B

6 Tactics to Drive Your Partner Marketing Program Forward

Enable partners to customize your resources

Learn how your partners can re-brand and customize your sales and marketing materials.

Automate Partner Contract Signing

Discover how Kademi makes partner contracts part of a seamless onboarding process.

The next generation of OCR scanning

Discover how machine learning is used to scan sales invoices in channel partner programs automatically.

Business use cases for artificial intelligence

Hear from Asa Cox, founder of Arcanum, on how businesses can use machine learning to automatically extract complex data from documents.

Kademi issued SOC 2 Type 2 Report

After a BIG year investing into our security, the Kademi team was delighted to receive our Soc 2 Type 2 report.

Reducing failure in channel incentive programs

Edward Thompson shares his thoughts on common failures companies face when running a channel incentive program.

How reporting works in Kademi

Experience how customers leverage Kademi's powerful reporting in their partner programs.

De’Longhi On Demand Multi-lingual Program

A program designed to educate, engage, motivate, and reward Retail Sales Associates for building knowledge.

We're Finalists in the 2022 SaaS Awards!

Kademi was excited to hear today we were finalist in the 2022 SaaS Awards program for Best SaaS Product for Loyalty and Retention.

What is a Sales KPI, and how are they used?

If you're new to Key Performance Indicators and looking to launch a channel incentive program, this article is for you.

Kademi Shortlisted for 2022 SaaS Awards

Kademi has been shortlisted in the 2022 SaaS Awards program for Best SaaS Product for Loyalty and Retention!

Forging Strong Business Partnerships

Learn 5 steps to build strong business partnerships with your resellers or dealer channel

Global Payments Made Easy With XTRM

Learn how Kademi’s integration with XTRM can supercharge rewards in your partner programs.

Kademi software secures win for Appreciate

Discover how Appreciate Business Services launched an award winning program on Kademi.

Scale and automate customer journeys

Experience how customer journeys can be created in just a few minutes using Kademi's journey automation tool.

How to launch tactical sales promotions

Learn how Kademi's promotion tool can be used to setup and launch tactical sales promotions.

Reimaging how B2B solutions are built

Discover how Kademi's application component editor is used to create web application interfaces in minutes.

New to sales incentive programs?

Learn the basics of a sales incentive program and how Kademi can be used to build one.

Build a sales claim program end to end

Watch a sales claim program get built end to end using Kademi's out of the box features.

What a sales incentive program can do for you

Learn how launching a sales incentive program can help your business thrive and survive in a highly competitive world.

CRM Broker Management Solution

Read how Kademi's software helped launch an end to end broker & customer management solution.

Mercedes Benz Dealership Program

Discover how Mercedes Benz incentivized their dealership channel across Australia using Kademi.

Why you need a B2B loyalty program

It's time for B2B companies to catch up with their B2C cousins and start creating customer experiences that lead to year on year growth.

Launching an incentive program?

5 things you need to know before you build and launch your incentive program to the world.

How to create smart customer experiences

Discover how Kademi’s smart automation tool can help you create better customer experiences.

Building vs buying software - what you need to know

Are you looking for a smarter way to build a business solution? One that saves you time, money and reduces commercial risk?

How engaged are your customers?

Understanding customer interactions and how to engage in a meaningful way, when it matters most.