CRM Broker Management Solution

Patrick Hone

21/1/2022 Case Studies
Broker management dashboard

SP Insurance, a financial and insurance advisory business based in Auckland New Zealand, adopted the Kademi Digital Platform to take to market an end to end broker management solution to support its customers, agents, customer service teams and advisors, all from a seamlessly connected eco-system of digital solutions.

  • A multilingual customer facing website for customers to explore insurance products and request quotes
  • A secure portal for customers to review and access their policies, documents and personal information
  • CRM tools to support advisors so they could manage customer data, quotes, polices and supporting documentation
  • A CRM portal giving customer service teams a limited view of the customer enabling them to provide on demand support for inbound inquiries
  • A stripped back CRM portal giving 3rd party agents a limited view of the customer and their polices
Broker management screenshots

Kademi’s data hierarchy enabled customer data to be filtered at every level of the organizational hierarchy from SP advisors through to 3rd party agents, giving each stakeholder the information they need in real-time to support the customer.

Behind the website, portal and CRM solution, Kademi’s customer journey and workflow management tool was used to automate the end to end customer journey from requesting a quote to creating tasks for an advisor in Kademi’s CRM, sending out polices for review and reminding a customer when their policy was due for renewal.


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