Sales Incentives Software

Selling business to business (B2B) is becoming harder with a growing number of products and competitors across a complex and evolving sales channel.

Launching a sales incentive program is a great way to target and incentivize partners to buy or sell your product, helping accelerate sales growth year over year.

Discover the benefits of a sales incentive program:

Drive sales volume

The Incentive Research Foundation (IRF) found that channel incentives programs increased total revenues by 32%.

Nurture loyalty 

Recognizing partners for sales growth helps turn transactional relationships into long-term valued partnerships. 

Get on the radar

Incentive programs help put your brand and products front and center, helping grow awareness of your company. 

Program features that you'll love

Build programs that incentivize partners to sell more product fast.

An example of a partner incentive portal showing sales targets, levels and leaderboards.

Powerful incentive mechanics  

Launch a partner incentive program that leverages different incentive mechanics to accelerate sales performance.

  • Show partners progress towards sales targets using key performance indicators that track different metrics from absolute targets of units sold to percentage growth in sales.
  • Give partners a reason to level up to their next tier and benefit from higher earnings or partner benefits, for example, payment terms.
  • Drop-in percentage or absolute growth leaderboards that show participants how they rank within their team, organization, or across a region.  
Points-based rewards store.

Reward sales performance

Reward partners for achieving sales growth using a combination of different payout mechanics.

  • Points based reward store
  • Gift cards
  • Digital gifts 
  • Cash payouts to credit cards
  • Cash payouts to debit cards
  • Travel and experience-based rewards
Exploring sales data in a partner portal

Explore sales data

Give logged-in users tools to explore sales transactions and payouts that apply to them. 

  • Show transactional sales information, including SKU codes and date of sale.
  • List payouts earned, for example, point credits and debits.
  • Give logged-in users tools to search for transactions.
  • Show different types of reports, for example, a breakdown of products sold by SKU.

Create dynamic portal experiences

Personalize the partner portal experience to the end-user who logs in, for example:

  • Give principles tools to explore their own company's sales data and results. 
  • Target incentives at sales managers and show them how their teams perform in real-time.
  • Launch different sales KPIs that target consultants or sales rookies when they first come on board.

All the tools you need to succeed

Explore features that will help you manage your program on Kademi.

Calculate payouts

Setup multifaceted incentives; for example, if a salesperson renews an annual product and cross-sells another, then award bonus points.

Manage sales hierarchies

Set up hierarchies to manage how your sales data cascades through your organization and across different teams and roles.

Easily import data

Access all the tools you need to easily upload regular sales data using Kademi's import wizard, or set up a real-time integration.

Rollback transactions

Kademi's sales incentive framework enables customers to easily roll back a sales transaction and payout with a single click of a button.

Target payouts 

Set up programs that incentivize and reward both individuals and/or organizations for determining who can redeem within a program.

Manage points

Reduce your program risk and liabilities by configuring when a loyalty point expires using Kademi's point management tools.

Why use Kademi's sales incentive program management software

Quick to launch

Use Kademi’s code-less platform architecture to launch your sales incentive program fast without touching a single line of code.

Built to scale

Every hour of every day, Kademi's platform ingests millions of sales transactions, calculating targets and payouts in real-time.

Open platform policy

Own Kademi's software that runs your program, then plugin the services of other companies you need to launch your program. 

Mercedes Benz Star Class program

Try Kademi

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