Partner Resources

Get the right information and resources in front of your partners at the right time to drive sales and help them succeed.

Partner Resources: Deliver timely information and resources to drive sales and partner success

Increase productivity

Help partners work more efficiently by providing the resources they need to be more productive in their day-to-day operations.

Business growth

Help partners increase market share and give them sales and marketing materials that support the products and services they sell.

Brand awareness

Make sure partners have the materials and resources to promote your brand effectively and consistently.

Unlock partner potential

Make it easy for partners to search for and download resources to their computer or mobile device. 

Kademi in action

See how easy it is to prepare co-branded resources in this video.

Simple resource management

Tools to upload, manage, and target marketing, sales, and other resources with your partners.

Resource management: Upload, target marketing, sales resources with partners.

Target resources

Create rules to target and get the right resources in front of the right group of partners.

Time-based resources

Easily make resources expire and disappear from your partner portal by setting an expiry date.

Publish workflows

Benefit from workflows to publish and unpublish resources for making changes offline.

Track engagement

See which resources are performing the best so you can optimize your content.


Easily create and apply categories and tags to help partners find and filter resources.


Tools to set up resources so partners can co-brand and customize before they download.

Get answers

Explore some of the questions customers commonly ask about partner resources. 

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