Channel partner training

Training channel partners is an essential component of onboarding and supporting a sales channel long-term. 

Training helps partners better understand the products or services they sell, meet compliance needs, and lower operational costs. Investing in training will also promote a shared commercial success model.

Discover the benefits of channel partner training:

Lower operational costs

Training and investing in partners will lead to autonomy and a significant decrease in brand to partner support over-time.

Build expertise

Helping partners sell your product at point of sale increases sales, mindshare, and brand loyalty over time. 

Meet compliance needs

Online training is a scalable way to meet government regulations on products that require partner certification.

Program features that you'll love

Explore learning partner software features that rapidly onboards and supports your customers.

Partner training portal dashboard

Personalize the learner experience 

When partners log into their portal, dynamically show training that targets their immediate learning needs.

  • Target courses at organizations, teams, and individuals.
  • Show learners their in-progress modules on their dashboard.
  • Show learners how they're tracking in real-time.
  • Make it easy to search training content using a course explorer.  
Partner training course content

Course content that connects

Course content is delivered through training modules, a series of structured pages that contain a mix of content.

  • Deliver content using text, images, videos, and interactive components.
  • Drop-in assessments to verify learners understand the course content.
  • Give learners controls to navigate around a module.
  • Allow learners to post comments on a module.
  • Automatically save a learner's progress in a module.
Points based reward store

Reward training outcomes

Award learners in different ways to accelerate training outcomes.

  • Generate personalized training certificates that download as PDFs.
  • Award learning badges for course completions.
  • Award loyalty points for use in a reward store.

Learning Partner software features

Explore software features that will help you manage your program on Kademi.


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Why use Kademi's learning partner software

Create seamless experiences  

Make partner training part of a broader program and include sales incentives - all from a single portal experience. 

Code-free setup

Enable administrators to build and launch partner training programs without touching a single line of code.

Open platform policy

Avoid contractual lock-ins by licensing and owning Kademi's software, then inviting the services providers you need to succeed.

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