Global Payments Made Easy With XTRM

Ly Nguyen

24/6/2022 Incentives Featured

Supercharge rewards in your partner programs

Adding a reward component to your partner program can help nurture loyalty and accelerate performance across your sales channel.

Rewards are typically linked to a business outcome, for example, when a partner achieves a quarterly sales result or has their sales team complete online training.

The one-size-fits-all approach doesn't always succeed when it comes to rewards, so it's important to explore what type of rewards work best in your program, including partner communications, and connect with your partners.

Kademi often sees our own customers use a hybrid approach, offering flexible payouts in a program that includes merchandise shipped to a user's door, gift cards, and direct payments to a personal bank account or virtual prepaid card.

Getting a secure, seamless, and automated process in place that manages payouts to both companies and individuals has its challenges, so Kademi partnered and integrated with XTRM to give our customers the ability to pay their partners globally, instantly, and cost-effectively.

XTRM global payments can be switched on in your Kademi account and easily linked to your XTRM account, giving you a broad range of turnkey payout options to reward your partners in the programs you build using Kademi. Payouts include:

  • Bank EFT
  • Bank Debit
  • Credit Card
  • Bank EFT
  • Virtual Prepaid
  • Digital Gift Cards

To learn more about the XTRM global payments platform, visit their website here.




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