How to create smart customer experiences

Brad McEvoy
Co-founder and CTO of Kademi

24/11/2020 Loyalty

Discover how Kademi’s smart automation tool is helping companies across the globe, create better experiences with their customers.

Let’s say you have an online store. You’ve run a social media marketing campaign, which has gained a high click-through rate. You have the customer’s attention. They browse your store and add items to the cart. You’re ready to hail the campaign a success! Then, suddenly the cart is abandoned. What happened? Where did the customer go? Did we do something wrong? Was it a simple change of heart? Or a better deal elsewhere? 

It’s no secret customers today are spoilt for choice. With so many businesses vying for their share of the market, chances are your customer has left your online store to purchase through another, and while you can ask yourself all the questions above, the only question you should be asking is, “how do I create an experience that engages a customer, motivates them to buy and maintains their loyalty”?

Reasons why companies should create better customer experiences

To keep a customer engaged and increase the number of profitable interactions a customer has with your business, it’s essential you create a great customer experience by adding value and consistently engaging in a meaningful way. That's where creating a customer journey comes into play - a series of targeted steps you want a customer to follow, that nurtures them towards one or more goals, tailored to appeal to the customer at each and every touch point. 

It seems simple, but considering a customer can use up to 10 different channels to interact with a business - coupled with a growing demand for a personalised experience, you can see why businesses are increasingly looking for a smarter and scalable way to implement a customer journey using software.  

A complex technology problem solved in minutes 

One of the challenges businesses face when implementing a customer journey, is the number of separate pieces of software needed to manage each customer interaction, from sending emails to managing an online store, and even sending email to business partner. Not only does it complicate a business's approach, many software platforms are not designed to communicate, cross-collaborate and share data with one another.

To solve this problem, Kademi created an all in one platform built from the ground up, where each capability works seamlessly together, so an end-to end customer journey can be designed, implemented and executed in a next generation platform using smart automation.

Kademi's full-stack capability

Watch this video to see how Kademi can set up an online commerce journey in minutes - one that nurtures a customer online to buy, rewards them for their loyalty, collects feedback, and ensures any negative feedback is efficiently managed.

This is just one of many ways journeys can be set up to support different customer scenarios. If you would like to discover how Kademi’s software can help you implement a customer journey, reach out using the below form, or contact your success manager if you’re an existing Kademi customer.



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