De’Longhi On Demand Multi-lingual Program

Patrick Hone

6/10/2022 Case Studies Incentives

A Canadian and US multi-lingual program

We love to showcase the programs our partner's launch using Kademi, and we weren't disappointed with the De'Longhi On Demand program built by Core Loyalty.

The program was designed to educate, engage, motivate, and reward Retail Sales Associates for building knowledge and becoming product experts in key retail accounts. A fun and engaging learning experience driving increased sales and channel loyalty.

Key Elements:

  1. Focused on achieving business growth objectives within each retail relationship
  2. Offers recognition and reward for learning and sales performance
  3. Measures learning “effort steps” to establish both brand/ product awareness and sales impact
  4. Includes extensive ongoing communication to maximize engagement
  5. Branded rewards collection, auctions and prize draws all drive points earn and burn
  6. Builds a direct relationship with their retail channel partners to educate, engage and incent ideal behaviors

The Solution

In summary the De'Longhi On Demand solution includes:

  • Interactive Website promoting product information, education, recognition and communication
  • Online Training structured into programs, courses and modules with certification, rewards and badging
  • VIP Program providing recognition and rewards as associates progress through levels
  • Custom Rewards including De'Longhi branded products and merchandise, auctions and games of chance
  • Gamification including leaderboards, badging and levels
  • Dashboard/ reporting to show individual performance, progress and related KPI data
  • Communications including a combination of triggered and custom (email & SMS) to drive engagement, podcasts, and live streams


  • Proven success with De'Longhi Canadian and US retail markets
  • Fast to market and cost effective -content is re-usable in multiple markets
  • Extensive motivation, recognition and reward tools
  • Multiple communication tools & strategies
  • Extensive online reporting

Use the platform to:

  • Increase product knowledge
  • Drive Sales
  • Boost profits
  • Promote new products
  • Capture market share
  • Pump up productivity
  • Build brand loyalty in your retail channels


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