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Move away from multi-channel to omni-channel customer engagement.

Multi-channel is dead

Think of channels as a pathway to reach your customers, from sending an email, to selling online or speaking with a customer directly on the phone. 

Today over 50% of companies are hindered by legacy systems, where different pieces of software are used to manage each channel, creating a disconnected customer journey and multiple records of the same customer across each channel.

Omni-channel is alive

Omni channel has become the nirvana of Customer Experience, ensuring there is a consistent and seamless movement from one channel to the next whilst maintaining a single view of the customer.

Achieving a true omni channel experience requires systems and processes to be integrated, sharing contextual information,  customer data and more within a single ecosystem. 

End to end experience management

Create & manage a seamless omni channel customer experience from discovery to purchase and beyond using the Kademi Digital Experience Platform. 

A full-stack experience platform at your fingertips

Peel back the layers and discover Kademi's capabilities that will accelerate your path towards digital transformation.

Commerce & Payments

Tools to build online stores and sell product, create quotes and invoices.

Loyalty & Promotions

A suite of capabilities to reward and incentivize your customers.

Sales Performance Tools

Powerful B2E and B2E tools to track KPIs and incentivize sales teams.

Collaboration & Recognition

From employee recognition walls to forums and event management tools.

Learning & Knowledge

Powerful eLearning tools to build knowledge and share resources.


Collect customer feedback with a click of a button through to building surveys.


A suite of tools to create, send and manage your email and SMS communications.

Journeys & Workflow Management

A next generation journey builder tool to automate engagement with your customers.

Content & Personalization

Tools to create, personalize and manage your website content, blogs and more.

Analytics & Optimization

Benefit from out of the box reports through to building customized reporting dashboards.

Customer Relationship Management

Tools to segment and manage your employee, partner and customer data.

Switch on what you need, when you need it.

Simply install and switch on the applications you need to scale and grow your business fast.

Build it & configure it your way

Kademi's revolutionary application component framework is changing the way companies build business solutions.

Build business solutions fast!

Like building blocks, combine together different applications and their components to customize a solution to meet your exact business needs. 

  • Combine together eCommerce with Kademi's loyalty engine, CRM and customer feedback to create an incredible online shopping experience
  • Or blend eLearning with sales incentives and KPIs to accelerate your sales team performance

Deploy globally & scale fast!

Choose from Kademi's multi-tenanted cloud option or deploy on premise using Kademi's pluggable architecture.

Up and running in seconds

The Kademi Digital Experience Platform is by default hosted in the cloud on Amazon Web Services in locations from the United States to Europe and Australia, giving our customer a capability to deploy digital solutions globally.

Additionally Kademi can be deployed to your own on premise environment thanks to Kademi’s pluggable architecture.

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