Customer data management

Access a suite of powerful tools to upload, create and manage your partner data.

Kademi ensures every partner interaction from the emails they receive and open, the online training courses they complete, and their loyalty points get captured into a single unique view of a customer in real-time.

Profile management

A profile is a single unique view of a customer containing many data points, including points, learning, and email history.

  • Multifaceted search to find customer profiles
  • Create and manage customer data
  • Import large amounts of customer data using import wizards
  • Log in as a customer and see what they see
  • Manage 2FA (Two-factor authentication)

Segment customer data

Access all the tools you need to segment customer data so communications and content can be targeted and personalized. 

  • Segment customers using tags
  • Create mailing lists for email communications
  • Setup primary groups which contain permission e.g. what a customer can view and interact with when they log into a portal
  • Create dynamic customer groups using a rules-based wizard

Manage organizations 

A powerful tool to create organizational hierarchies, structure sales channels into regions, states, right down to a physical store or office location.

  • Upload spreadsheets fast using a wizard to automatically create hierarchies
  • Define organizational data from geolocation to company name 
  • Segment organizations using tags
  • Assign customer profiles to organizations

Already got a CRM platform?

When customers have an existing CRM, it's common to integrate and synchronize customer data with Kademi helping meet commercial compliance needs.

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SPIFF Program

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