K-Sales Data

Data management 

K-Sales Data provides features to upload different types of data for use in programs, for example, sales data or offline training results. Data is then used to calculate sales incentive payouts or track KPIs.

Administrators can use import wizards, map spreadsheet columns, review and upload data fast. Alternatively, Kademi’s integration features get used to import data automatically.

Behind K-Sales Data are sophisticated features to calculate points payouts when sales transactions are uploaded.

K-Sales Data features

Here are a few features available when using K-Sales Data:

  • Step by step data import wizard.
  • Configure aggregation types, for example count or sum.
  • Setup point payouts rules on sales records.
  • Associate sales records and point payouts to individuals or organizations
  • Rollback sales records and/or point payouts with a click of a button.