Channel Incentive Management Features

Explore the powerful features Kademi customers use to nurture partners to sell more product, hit sales targets, and calculate payouts.

Different ways partners are incentivized from KPIs to levels and leaderboards.

Powerful incentive features

Set up many different types of incentive mechanics in the programs you build and launch on Kademi.

Sales targets

Configure targets that track absolute growth and percentage growth sales targets. Then using K-Editor, drop dynamic components into your portal to show partners how they're tracking.


Encourage competition and show participants how they stack up against their team, organization, or an entire sales region. Leaderboards are easy to set up and drop into the portal UI using K-Editor.

Customer levels

Easily configure levels for your partners to achieve that offer higher earnings, rewards, or partner benefits. 

Promotions made easy

Fire up tactical sales promotions fast using Kademi's step-by-step setup wizard.

Promotions types

Choose from different promotions, including sales incentives, check-out rules, and vouchers.

Target partners

Target promotions to entire sales regions, right down to a specific partner.

Configure payouts

Calculate simple point payouts on sales transactions, or implement complex payouts that consider different factors, for example, new sales, cross-sales, and SKU type.

A sales promotion showing an ecommerce checkout form.
A points based reward store where partners can spend points.

Reward customers

Configure how you want to reward your partners by setting up different reward workflows. 

  • Setup and launch an online points-based reward store
  • Create promotions that email vouchers to partners
  • Load dollars onto reloadable Visa Cards

Channel Incentive Applications

Explore different applications you can install and combine to build incentive solutions. 


Recognize and reward

Award badges, manage customer tiers, and set up any number of KPIs and targets for your customers to achieve.

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Launch sales promotions

Setup sales promotions that target customers and include different promotion types to increase sales.

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Setup claim workflows

Give you customers a way to upload sales claims which you can approve before they get rewarded.

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Setup reward stores

Set up an online store where employees and customers can spend points for merchandise and digital rewards.

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Capture and process data

Tools to manage sales data and create rules to automatically calculate points and award a customer for a sale.

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Run real-time auctions

Use real-time auctions to keep your customers engaged where they can bid points against their peers to win prizes.

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Channel Incentive Solutions

Explore a few Channel Incentive Management solutions you can build using Kademi.

Sales Incentive Program

Ignite sales performance across your channel by launching strategic programs that incentivize different types of sales targets and metrics.

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Sales Claim Program

When you can't access sales data from your customers, sales claim programs are a great way to incentivize customers using a claim upload workflow.

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SPIFF Program

Launch SPIFF programs to help meet short-term tactical sales goals by rewarding customers with cash payouts for selling product at the point of sale.

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