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The world is digitally transforming at an unprecedented rate driven by global events, pushing more businesses and consumers online to transact across many digital touchpoints. 

With greater competition from larger and emerging competitors and increasing cyber-attacks, companies don't have time to sit back and wait; they must innovate and respond to the market quickly, putting their valued channel partners at the center of everything they do.

Explore how Kademi's software can nurture partnerships and drive growth across a sales channel.

Partner training

Training is an essential part of the sales process, enabling partners to succeed. Using Kademi, training programs can be launched at scale, targeting resellers and rewarding training outcomes to increase attendance and completion rates.

Reward performance 

Launch tactical sales incentive programs to accelerate performance across channel partners.  Programs can target resellers, track any number of sales metrics, and reward participants in different ways from points to digital rewards.

Scale online sales

Build portals for resellers to log into, seamlessly order and reorder products from you with a click of a button, making the end to end buying process seamless. Portals can also incorporate incentives and training for an integrated experience. 

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Sales Incentive Program

Ignite sales performance across your channel by launching strategic programs that incentivizes different types of sales targets and metrics.

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Sales Claim Program

When you can’t access sales data from your customers, sales claim programs are a great way to incentivize customers using a claim upload workflow.

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Partner Training Program

Discover how you can launch earn and learn programs using Kademi, where online course completion can be incentivized in different ways.

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